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Award-Winning Healthcare Payer-Provider Services. Nationwide network of collaborations and partnerships with Payers, Hospitals and Physician Groups 

About Us

When your healthcare organization wants unique, customized, scalable processes that enhances operational efforts, financial performance and quality of care, Our team at TerraVast is dedicated to helping deploy solutions for providers, patients, members, employees and end-users.

Our Services


Health plan Advisory

Our team of experts support health plans and self-insured employers in a number of key areas required for success including…

Reimbursement Analysis

Because the charge master is at the heart of every hospital’s and every practice’s billing and coding process, it must be analyzed and updated annually. 

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Clinical Quality

Our Clinical Quality Services activities are designed to promote the sharing of ‘best practices’ and improve communications between clinical professionals across the state. 

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Compliance with State and Federal Regulations

Health care organizations need to have the right information and tools to assess and manage the impact of the government’s ever-changing regulatory compliance and enforcement initiatives.

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Market Research

Our healthcare market research services are used to assess all types of opportunities:

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Regulatory and Legislative Overview

Healthcare is governed by regulations set in place to protect both the patients and the providers. This lesson brings both regulations and administrators of the law to the surface. 

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Strategic Advisory

Our team of healthcare data experts are trained to guide the strategic planning process in a way that will engage your entire organization. Gain buy-in from leadership down to entry level employees through a well-tested system of meetings, discussions, and interactions. We’ll help you realize untapped opportunities for growth and engage every team member along the way.


European Healthcare Advisory

United Kingdom and European Union Advisory team is comprised of veterans of the Department of Health, NHS England, Care Quality Commission, Local Authorities and the European Parliament.  In addition, we provide support on transatlantic transactions through dedicated US and UK/EU team members.

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